A glimpse into Nerd Nite LA’s illustrious past:

Lestodon doesn’t want your avocado toast: digging through sloth sh*t to debunk dietary myths
by Melissa Macias

“The Proton Pack is Not a Toy”: How to be Empowered by Fiberglass, Wires and Resin
by Natalie Nielsen

Octopus Fight Club: How do octopuses lose their arms in self-defense?
by Kelley M Voss

The Great Emu War
by Ben Kepner

No Hooks, Peg Legs, or Eyepatches: Disability in Our Flag Means Death
by Grace Deppe-Waldschmidt

Time After Time: The Rise & Fall & Rise Again of the Wristwatch
by Anne M. Kelly

Two Plus Two Is Four: A Proof
by Riley John Gibbs

Chasing the “Big Dog” (Detecting Gravitational Waves)
by Erin Macdonald, PhD

Taxidermy: A Victorian Obsession and its Relevance in Modern-Day Conservation
by Allis Markham

How to Make friends and Steal Their Money: An Overview of Biometrics
by Maksim Gill

Seven Potential Missions to New Frontiers in Planetary Science
by Brent Sherwood

“That’s Not a @&$#ing Dinosaur!”: Misconceptions about Paleontology
by Trevor Valle

Photomicrography of Gemstone Interiors
by Danny J. Sanchez

Computer, Enhance: Interface Design for Film and Fiction
by Christian Brown

The Law is With Me and I am One with the Law
by Josh Gilliland

The Shadow from Beyond: H.P. Lovecraft’s Lasting Influence on Modern Fiction
by Ben Kepner

Anatomy of Evil: The Character Design of Disney Villains
by Elizabeth Iverson

Stompin’ Through Time
by Brian Engh

Rejected Princesses: Building Media Alternatives for Kids
by Jason Porath

Connecting L.A.: How Wildlife Gets Around in the Urban Jungle
by Jason Goldman

The Life of Ulysses S. Grant
by Muffy Marracco

Murder in Manhattan!: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and America’s first recorded murder trial
by Pooja Nair

Perception Hacking for Cyborgs (That Means You)
by Kara Platoni

Intelligent Fun: Designing New Games for Adults of All Ages
by Myles Nye and Greg Snyder

The Neuroscience of Poor Life Choices
by Teagan Wall, PhD

Muppet Performers: The Pavarottis of Puppetry
by Jon Thomas

Vampires in Media: How we got from Dracula to Edward Cullen
by Sean Rourke

Sci Fi TV: It’s a wibbly wobbly, timey wimey thing
by Sue Scheibler

The LA County Coroner’s Office: Not your typical internship….
by Michelle Tabencki

Parenting on Steroids: Lessons from a Sex Changing Fish
by Devaleena Pradhan

Let’s Talk About Penis Size
by Nicole Prause, Ph.D.

How to Finish (and Win) a Game of Monopoly
by Riley Gibbs

The Realities of Virtual Reality
by Ben Vance

Getting F’ed: The Casualties of Creating an Alphabet
by Beau Henson

The Science of Explosions: Blowing shit up for fun and profit.
by Thomas Seymour

Whisk(e)y aka Uisge Beatha: The Water of Life!
by Bino Gopal

Solving Amazon Mysteries- Turtle Tears, Fake Spiders, and Thieving Butterflies
by Phil Torres

The History of Role-Playing Games
by Shane Liesegang

The OPALS Space Laser: Why a laser is strapped to the space station and shooting its beam toward Los Angeles
by Matt Abrahamson

Purging Misconceptions about the Postmortem Exam
by Susan Parson

Mathletics: The rise of statisticians into the starting lineup in pro sports
by Craig Tabita