Welcome to Nerd Nite Los Angeles! We’re so excited that you’ve discovered our community’s nerdy little corner of LA. We are Nerd Nite (like TED Talks or the Discovery Channel + beer), Drinking & Dragons (live, improv-ed DnD), and Nerd Nite Out (community-building). Check out what we’re up to at one of our upcoming events!

We all know that learning is more fun when you’re drinking with friends and colleagues. Thus, Nerd Nite is a monthly event held in more than 100 cities across the globe during which several folks give 20-minute fun-yet-informative presentations across all disciplines – while the audience drinks along. It’s like TED Talks…but with beer.


NERD NITE — Tuesday, November 14th at Brewyard Beer Company



PRESENTATION #1: A Thousand Faces: The History of Horror Makeup
By Phil Tice

Summary: Since the dawn of movie-making, horror has been one of Hollywood’s most beloved genres – and for over a century, the art of monster-making has been integral to making those terrifying tales leap off the screen! From the early days of Universal Monsters to the animatronic monstrosities of the 1980s and beyond, join makeup artist and filmmaker Phil Tice as he takes you on a ghoulish tour through the history of horror makeup and the mad geniuses that shaped your favorite frights. WARNING! There will be some makeup imagery shown during the presentation that some viewers may consider frightening – if you get scared, just repeat to yourself: It’s only a movie… it’s only a movie… it’s only a movie….

Bio: Phil Tice is a director, screenwriter, author and makeup effects artist specializing in all things horror. Originally hailing from the great Garden State under the shadow of the Jersey Devil, Phil graduated Emerson College with a BFA in Writing for Film and Television, and has had his work featured at horror festivals like Filmquest, Hollywood Horrorfest, Midwest Weirdfest, Austin After Dark, and more. Phil has been lucky enough to collaborate with horror icons like Thom Mathews (Return of the Living Dead), Cary Woods (Scream), and Sean Cunningham (Friday the 13th), and currently works for his mentor, Oscar nominee David Magee (Life of Pi), at Brass Mantle Entertainment.

PRESENTATION #2: Animorphs: The Tragic Tale of Alien-Fighting Child Soldiers
By Julian Beldham

Summary: Animorphs was a book series from the 90s about children who turn into animals. It should surprise some people, then, that Animorphs has themes of body horror, the mental trauma of war, dehumanization, and loss of sanity. Julian Beldham will explain how this 60 book series aimed at fourth graders is actually one of the most horrifying and violent examples of science fiction in literary history. Don’t worry, we will absolutely talk about that time a child turned into a bear and started using her own severed arm as a weapon, as well as that time the heroes made another child suffer so much he would later beg for death – you know, subject matter suitable for children aged 8-12.

Bio: Julian Beldham is a local Los Angeles nerd who read too many books growing up, which is why he can’t socialize properly and is talking about a children’s book series from 25 years ago. He is an elementary school teacher and hopes to inspire the next generation to love reading as much as he does. He has traveled to more than 20 countries and makes excellent grilled cheese sandwiches.

PRESENTATION #3: Photomicrography of Gemstones: The Inner World of Gems
By Danny Sanchez

Summary: Photomicrography is the documentation of anything using the microscope and a camera. Danny’s anything happens to be the interiors of gemstones. Why would one choose to explore the crystalline space held within a ruby, an emerald, an opal? How does one even get into this in the first place? Danny will cover all of this as well as the equipment, software, and techniques he uses to capture his award-winning images.

Bio: Danny is a Los Angeles based gemologist and artist specializing in photomicrography. He’s a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California and is a self-taught photomicrographer. Initially inspired by the Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones by Eduard Gübelin and John Koivula, Danny’s images are thoughtfully created, leveraging his gemological knowledge through meticulously-tuned photography tools. His exhibitions include Art Basel Miami, publications include Wired, Vice and Smithsonian Magazine, and has won several international photomicrography awards.

When do doors open for Nerd Nite?

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Where does Nerd Nite take place?
Brewyard Beer Company, which is located at: 906 Western Ave, Glendale, CA 91201

Does Brewyard have parking?
There is street parking around the venue. However, we highly recommend utilizing a rideshare service.

Will there be food?
Yes! Tacos are provided by La Prieta Mexicana.

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