Welcome to Nerd Nite Los Angeles! We’re so excited that you’ve discovered our community’s nerdy little corner of LA. We are Nerd Nite (like TED Talks or the Discovery Channel + beer), Drinking & Dragons (live, improv-ed DnD), NNXL (live music), and Nerd Nite Out (community-building). Check out what we’re up to at one of our upcoming events!

We all know that learning is more fun when you’re drinking with friends and colleagues. Thus, Nerd Nite is a monthly event held in more than 100 cities across the globe during which several folks give 20-minute fun-yet-informative presentations across all disciplines – while the audience drinks along. It’s like TED Talks…but with beer.


NERD NITE — Tuesday, April 16th at Brewyard Beer Company


April 2024 Presenters & Topics

PRESENTATION #1: Hollywood Signs: The Golden Age of Glittering Graphics and Glowing Neon

By Kathy Kikkert

Join author and graphic designer Kathy Kikkert as she guides us back to a dazzling time to when a vibrant sea of neon signs illuminated the glamorous streets of Hollywood. Discover the Lost Signs of the Hollywood Hills, revisit the beloved Grauman’s Chinese Theatre’s Neon Dragons that hovered over Hollywood Blvd for decades, and delight in the exuberant typography of Googie coffee shops and bowling alleys. Accompanied by rare photos, mesmerizing video, and fun stories, Kikkert’s celebration of sign design will guarantee that you’ll never see Hollywood the same way again!

Bio: Kathy Kikkert is a graphic designer specializing in book design, restaurant branding, and illustration. Before moving to Hollywood, she was an art director at Doubleday and book designer at Simon & Schuster in New York. Her retro-modern flair is expressed in the books, brands, and signs she has designed. She has a BA in Art History from New York University and has been photographing vintage neon signs for over twenty years. Hollywood Signs is her first book.

PRESENTATION #2: Harriet Burns: The Woman, The Myth, the Legend… The 1st Lady of Walt Disney Imagineering

By Haley Clair

 Voiceover artist and actor Haley Clair takes you down the rabbit hole of Disney Herstory with stories about her legendary grandmother, Harriet Burns, Walt Disney’s first female Imagineer. From soldering in designer dresses and heels, to “Rolly Crump drew WHAT?!”, to pushing around Walt Disney himself in a wheely office chair, the stories of how the iconic magic was created back in the day go on and on! Get ready for laughs, and maybe one or two secrets, about the creation of the Happiest Place on Earth!

Bio: Haley Clair, the youngest granddaughter of Harriet Burns, is an actor, singer, dancer, and voice over artist whose voice can be heard in numerous national commercials for brands including Citizen’s Bank, Michael’s, Kohl’s, David’s Bridal, and many more! She holds a BFA in Musical Theater from The Boston Conservatory, and after spending 8 years in NYC, recently moved back to the Best Coast where she spends most (*all*) of her free time (*and money*) in her favorite place, Disneyland.

PRESENTATION #3: The Art of the Process: An Art Career Chat with Sculptor Jim McKenzie + Screening of His Short Film ‘Potato Face’

By Jim McKenzie

 From commercial animator to a full-time fine artist, creative professional Jim McKenzie will discuss the highs and lows of his inventive career that has spanned fifteen years. During this time, he has displayed his art in galleries worldwide, built a giant fifty-foot animatronic scarecrow that stalked the streets of Italy, and showcased his unique sculpting style to his 577,000 followers on Youtube. Along with insight on how to sell original work to the masses, McKenzie will also be treating Nerd Nite to a special screening of his latest art process film, “Potato Face” – which was shot at Brewyard Beer Company!

Bio:  Jim McKenzie is a world renowned artist, animator, and director based in Burbank California. His vast body of work ranges from surrealist paintings, to stop motion films and drawings, paintings and designer toys. McKenzie is best known for his detailed character-based sculptures and cinematic art process videos. Though his whimsical esthetic is visually vibrant and at times satirical, McKenzie’s characters share underlying themes of distress, and melancholia, stemming from everyday life.

Will there be food?
Yes! Tacos are provided by La Prieta Mexicana.

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NERD NITE X EXTRA LIVES — Saturday, May 4th at Brewyard Beer Company


Nerd Nite LA and Extra Lives are combining forces once again to bring you LAND OF ETERNAL SPRING: a live, interactive, choose-your-own-adventure concert, where you are the main character! Start off with a presentation by Nerd Nite LA, your local “TED talks with beer”-style event series, for an education for the ages (that age being 21+). Then, plunge into an exciting story with visuals, music, sound effects, and footage drawn from legendary video games. Your decisions determine the story and set list in the world’s first Audience RPG!



– Doors open at 8pm.

– The Brewyard Beer Company is a 21+ venue.

– There is free street parking surrounding the bar, but we recommend utilizing a ride share service.

Extra Lives

Extra Lives is the world’s first Audience RPG: a fully narrated choose-your-own-adventure game where you are the main character. Plunge into an exciting story with visuals, music, sound effects and footage drawn from the legendary console games of the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s… and a live score provided by the lovable nerds of Extra Lives. At key junctures you’ll get to vote on how the character proceeds, leading to special story branches. With multiple endings and 60+ possible variations depending on the audience’s in-game choices, this immersive feast for the imagination will transport you back to your childhood. To the next level!

DRINKING & DRAGONS — Tuesday, June 4th at Brewyard Beer Company


New to Dungeons & Dragons? Casual dabbler? Level 20 rogue? All players are welcome, no matter your XP.

Drinking & Dragons is divided into three, 30-minute sessions. Audience members are chosen at random to join the table with our Dungeon Master, while the audience weighs-in like an improv show. Just because you’re not physically sitting at the table does not mean that you won’t be affecting the game! Audience participation is essential to Drinking & Dragons. We’ve got a basketball-sized d20 for you to roll too!

Gather your party and we’ll see you soon!

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